Minor Research Themes

Methods development for molecular biology, next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics. Marc recently completed a project focused on developing molecular and bioinformatics methods for next-generation sequencing of plant transcriptomes. This involved a large international collaboration that collectively worked to extract and sequence RNA by RNA-seq, and bioinformatically annotate the transcriptome sequences from over 1000 plants species (see Johnson et al. 2012 PLoS ONE).

Effects of climate change on crop-herbivore interactions. Former M.Sc. student Rose Grinnan recently completed a project examining the effects of global warming and drought on the ecology of plant-herbivore interactions in soybean, a globally important crop plant (see Grinnan et al. 2013 Arthropod-Plant Interactions and Grinnan et al. 2013 Ecological Entomology).


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