Prof. Marc Johnson, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator


Dr. Diego Carmona, Ph.D.
CONACyT Post-doctoral Fellow
Connor Fitzpatrick
Ph.D. Student
Molly Hetherington-Rauth
Ph.D. Student
Ruth Rivkin
Ph.D Student

James Santangelo
Ph.D. Student (co-advised with Rob Ness)

Cindy Prashad
Lab technician

Simon headshot

Simon Innes
Lab technician

Lab Alumni (and sorely missed!)

Visiting Scientists

Dr. Yunheng Ji (Assoc. Professor, Kunming Inst Botany)
Dr. Adriana Puentes (Post-doctoral Fellow, SLU, Sweden)
Dr. Ayco Tack (Lecturer, University of Stockholm, Sweden) – Link

Amanda Nelson 2016-2017
Jesse Hollister (Asst. Professor) 2012-2014 – Link
Martin Turcotte (Asst Professor, U Pittsburgh) 2011-2014 – Link
Erika Hersch-Green (Assistant Professor, Michigan Tech. Institute), 2009-2011 – Link

Micheline Khan (Credit Valley CA), 2012-2013 (part-time)
Christina Thomsen (UOttawa, MSc Student), 2011-2012
Cassi Myburg, 2009-2011

PhD Students
Daniel Anstett (Banting Post-doc, UBC) – Link
Nash Turley (Post-doc Michigan State University), 2009-2014 – Link
Diego Carmona (UNAM, Ph.D. Student), 2010-2011

MSc Students
Carole Advenard, 2017 (exchange from AgroSup Dijon)
Ken Thompson, 2014-2016 (PhD student in Dolph Schluter’s Lab, UBC) Link
Iris Cheval, 2016 (exchange from AgroSup Dijon)
Melanie Lavoignat, 2016 (exchange from AgroSup Dijon)
Teresa Didiano, 2013-2015
Marie Renaudin, 2015 (exchange from AgroSup Dijon)
Laura Gehaunt, 2014 (exchange from AgroSup Dijon)
Ryan Godfrey, 2011-2014
Rosemary Grinnan, 2009-2011

Cindy Prashad 2016-2017 (ROP399, BIO481, NSERC USRA)
Bailey Lei 2016-2017 (BIO481)
Zainab Mustafa 2016-2017 (BIO481)
Jibran Syed 2016-2017 (BIO399)
Joani Viliunas 2017 (ROP399)
Zahra Sina 2016 (ROP299)
Peter Chaban 2016 (NSERC USRA)
Anna Mikhailichenko 2015-2016 (ROP 399)
Caitlyn D’Souza 2015-2016 (ROP 399)
Alice Chen 2014-2015 (ROP 299, ROP 399)
Nabanita Nawar 2014-2015 (ROP 299)
Andy Chen 2014 (ROP 399)
Amaneet Lochab 2013 Undergraduate Lab Assistant
James Santangelo 2013-2014 (BIO 481)
Jeffery Bertrand, 2012-2013 (BIO 481)
Teresa Didiano (NSERC URSA, BIO 481)
Alex Lee, 2012-2013 (ROP 399, BIO 481)
Pooja Maharaj, 2012-2013 (ROP 399, BIO 481)
Lydia Sequeira (NSERC URSA, BIO 481)
Micheline Khan, 2011-2012
Geoffrey Broadhead (Texas, Lab Technician), 2009-2011
Susan Jaconis (Cleveland, Ph.D. Student), 2009-2011
Robert San Miguel (Field Assistant, NCSU), 2009-2011
Clifton Odell (Undergraduate, NCSU), 2009-2011


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